Shooting Ranges

Highsmith Guns offers 11 lanes on the pistol range, allowing target practice for any pistol caliber firearms. Along with the 11 lanes on the pistol range, Highsmith Guns also offers 10 lanes on the archery range.


On the pistol range, any pistol caliber under 44 Magnum can be shot. In addition to these pistol cartridges, the range is also open to 17 and 22 caliber rifles.


The archery range is open for all bows, from tradition recurves to the cutting edge crossbows.

Hourly Range Rates
Handgun Half Hour $12.00 
Handgun Hour $18.00 
Handgun Half Hour Two Shooters $20.00 
Handgun Hour Two Shooters $25.00 
Handgun Unlimited 6 Months $150.00 
Handgun Unlimited 1 Year Solo $250.00 
Handgun Unlimited 1 Year Family $250.00 plus $100.00 per family member 
Handgun Any Additional Shooters Per Session $10.00 
Archery All Day $10.00 
Archery Unlimited 6 Months $80.00 
Archery Unlimited 1 Year Solo $150.00 
Archery Unlimited 1 Year Family $150.00 plus $50.00 per family member 

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10 Archery Lanes
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One of 11 Pistol Lanes
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