Firearms Training

Highsmith Guns offers a wide array of firearms training, from beginner levels to advanced levels, as well as Utah/Arizona firearms permit courses!  Read More...

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Highsmith Guns

Your hometown source for firearms, ammunition, pistol/archery ranges, accessories, training and gunsmithing.  Read More...

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Shooting Ranges

The pistol range has 11 shooting lanes, and we also offer 10 lanes of archery. For more information, see our Shooting Ranges tab!  Read More...

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All crossbows 10% off, and all compound bows are on sale! Come in the shop for more details!  Read More...

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We offer a full range of services including firearm and bow sales, training and gunsmithing. We stock a variety of firearms and accessories from many manufacturers. Our gunsmiths have over 25 years experience. There is no job too big or too small. Let us take care of all your gunsmithing needs.  Read More...

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Your hometown hub for firearms, accessories, ammunition, bows, archery supplies, and much more!


Here at Highsmith Guns, we pride ourselves on providing the most professional and high quality service possible. Our staff is very knowledgeable, allowing us to answer any questions you may have and help you find the appropriate items. Our gunsmiths and bow tech have decades of experience, and we employ the best techniques in the trade for any job.


Inside you will find 11 lanes of pistol shooting, 10 lanes of archery, an extensive firearms and archery product line.    Safe shooting!  

Hourly Range Rates
Handgun Half Hour $12.00 
Handgun Hour $18.00 
Handgun Half Hour Two Shooters $20.00 
Handgun Hour Two Shooters $25.00 
Handgun Unlimited 6 Months $150.00 
Handgun Unlimited 1 Year Solo $250.00 
Handgun Unlimited 1 Year Family $250.00 plus $100.00 per family member 
Handgun Any Additional Shooters Per Session $10.00 
Archery All Day $10.00 
Archery Unlimited 6 Months $80.00 
Archery Unlimited 1 Year Solo $150.00 
Archery Unlimited 1 Year Family $150.00 plus $50.00 per family member 

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